Heating Mantle

Heating Mantle


A heating mantle is laboratory equipment used to heat the liquids in the flask using electricity. The first heating mantle was invented in 1972 by Michael Kort Rijk and Paul Leonard Johnson, two scientific researchers of England

The heating mantle is also known as isomantle or heating jacket is designed for advanced laboratory usage. A Round-Bottom Flask is used with the heating mantle for experimentation.


  • Safe and Easy to Use 
  • Durable 
  • Time-Saving 
  • Shockproof 
  • Chemical Resistant 
  • Spill-Proof 
  • Thermal Insulation 
  • Consistency in Stirring and Heating 

Used For 

  • Distillation 
  • Extraction 
  • Evaporation 
  • Heating and Boiling 

DAN Logitech’s Digital Heating Mantle, widely known as the Black Diamond is made up of aluminum and stainless steel body with a smooth and fine metallic coating. The mantle material is made up of glass fiber yarn which provides uniform heating to flasks. It has a digital display with heat and stir functions that work on microprocessors. Black Diamond is easy to use and involves less maintenance with immense durability

  • Stainless Steel Rod 
  • Moulded PT Sensor Probe Bosshead 
  • Magnetic Stir Bar Length - 20 mm X 8 mm (Vessel Capacity - 100 ml to 1000 ml) 
  • Magnetic Stir Bar Length - 25 mm X 9 mm (Vessel Capacity - 2000 ml to 5000 ml) 
Technical Specifications 
  • IP Class 10 
  • Variable Speed Range 800 RPM 
  • Temperature Range 400 degree Celsius (Mantle and Probe) 
  • Mantle Capacity 20000 ml (Round Bottom Flask) 
  • 80% Permissible Relative Moisture 
  • Permissible Ambient Temperature from 5 to 40 Degree Celsius 
  • Heat up to 670 W 
  • 10% Accuracy Control 

Round Bottom Flask 

A round bottom flask is a spherical bottom shaped laboratory glassware used for chemical reactions, distillation, heating/boiling, and storage of culture media. These flasks are made up of chemical and heat resistant borosilicate glass. It has fire-polished beaded rims for easy pouring of liquids. 

Types of Round Bottom Flasks 

  1. Narrow Neck (ISO) 
  2. Wide Neck (ISO) 
  3. Single Neck with Joint (ISO and USP) 
  4. Single Neck with Joint (ASTM) 

Why DAN Logitech’s Heating Mantle with Stirrer (Black Diamond)? 

  • It comes with an in-built vessel that protects the liquid spill. 
  • It has a hexagonal base that ensures complete stability. 
  • It is UL Listed
  • The shaded pole motor in Black Diamond makes its life trouble-free and long-lasting. 
  • It can control the temperature of the solution in the flask using the probe. 
  • It is CE Certified
  • The Black Diamond comes with a provision to attach accessories
  • It comes with probe/mantle selection

Precautions while using a Heating Mantle 

  • The heating mantle should be placed on a flat and stable surface. 
  • Never plug a heating mantle directly into the outlet. Always use a grounded outlet. 
  • Never use an empty flask with the heating mantle. 
  • Do not allow the cords of the heating mantle to dangle down the lab desk as it may get snagged down. 
  • Never immerse a heating mantle in water or any liquid. 
  • Discard the heating mantle if the fiberglass is cracked and the wires are exposed.


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