Heating Mantle with Stirrer – BlackDiamond™ PRO

DAN Logitech’s BlackDiamondTM PRO is made up of aluminum and stainless steel body with a smooth and fine metallic coating. The mantle material is made up of glass fiber yarn, which provides uniform heating to flasks. It has a digital display with heat, stir, and time functions that work on microprocessors. BlackDiamond PRO is easy to use and involves less maintenance with immense durability

  • IP Class 10 
  • Variable Speed Range 800 RPM 
  • Temperature Range 400 degree Celsius (Mantle and Probe) 
  • Mantle Capacity 20000 ml (Round Bottom Flask) 
  • 80% Permissible Relative Moisture 
  • Permissible Ambient Temperature from 5 to 40 Degree Celsius 
  • Heat up to 670 W 
  • 10% Accuracy Control
  • Stainless Steel Rod 
  • Moulded PT Sensor Probe Bosshead 
  • Magnetic Stir Bar Length - 20 mm X 8 mm (Vessel Capacity - 100 ml to 1000 ml) 
  • Magnetic Stir Bar Length - 25 mm X 9 mm (Vessel Capacity - 2000 ml to 5000 ml)
  • It comes with an in-built vessel that protects the liquid spill. 
  • It has a hexagonal base that ensures complete stability. 
  • It is UL Listed
  • The shaded pole motor in Black Diamond makes its life trouble-free and long-lasting. 
  • It can control the temperature of the solution in the flask using the probe. 
  • It is CE Certified
  • The Black Diamond comes with a provision to attach accessories
  • It comes with probe/mantle selection.

Also Known as : 1225.EU.01, 1225.EU.02, 1225.EU.03 , 1225.EU.04, 1225.EU.05, 1225.EU.06, 1225.EU.08