Glassco carries out dimensional checks with gauges and calipers for all its material while in process and before further processing."

Glass stress - free checks

Glassco has five conveyor furnaces (Lehrs) where all the products are annealed to remove manufacturing stress from glass to ensure that product has a long life and high strength. Glassco has four stress viewers installed at several locations for this purpose.

Wall strength, thickness checks

Glassco has two very sophisticated thickness testers for viewing the thickness of glass after the product is blown. This ensures that the consistency is always over the norms in the standards like ASTM/DIN/ISO. This ensures that the product has an extended useful life and is safe to use.

Optical Clarity Checks

Glassco verifies the optical clarity of all the products 100%. This is done twice, once when the product is first produced and secondly before the product is to be packed to ship.

Fit testing for joints

Gauges and taper test tools verify the male’s taper (cones) and female(sockets) before further processing. This ensures that the joints are secured from leaks.

testing of mating joints

Mating joints is tested under a vacuum to verify that the taper are even and no leaks exist.

Print color adhesion test

All the glass prints are verified for color adhesion by subjecting them to acid boiling, scratch, and tape peel of test.

7 Steps to quality

For GLASSCO, Quality Assurance has the foundation in Quality planning in all function