Lab Filtration Assembly

Lab Filtration Assembly

Filtration Assembly


Filtration is a process that helps to separate the three states of matter namely Solids, Liquids, and Gases. Filtration can be done biologically or chemically in the laboratories. This process involves a filter medium, like a filter paper which helps to easily trap the solid particles and separate them from liquids. 

Filtration Methods 

  1. General Filtration - This is the most basic form of filtration in which the liquid is poured through a filter medium. This method works on gravity, hence the liquid flows down the funnel and the solid is left on the filter. 
  2. Hot Filtration - In this method of filtration, the solution, filter, and funnel are heated up till the crystals are formed during filtration. It is used to prevent the crystallization of other components in a mixture.
  3. Cold Filtration - This method of filtration is used to quickly cool down a solution and form small crystals. It is usually done when the solid is dissolved in the liquid. 
  4. Vacuum Filtration - In this method of filtration, a funnel and a hose are used which help to suck the fluid through the filter by creating a vacuum. This speeds up the separation and the solid gets dried. 

Vacuum Filtration Apparatus 

The Vacuum Filtration Apparatus is used to easily filter out the solid, liquid, and gases from the solution with the help of a vacuum pump. The apparatus is made up of fine quality Borosilicate Glass and has a Clamp to hold the funnel. 

The apparatus consists of a glass that supports the filter disc and a funnel that sits on top of the base. The entire assembly fits on a filter flask with the help of a rubber stopper. The filter flask serves as a safety barrier to minimize the chance that liquid will be drawn into the vacuum source.

Used For 

  • Solvent Purification 
  • Particulate Analysis 
  • Bacteriological Studies 
  • Radiochemical determinations 
  • Gravimetric Analysis
  • Funnel - Chemically Resistant Glass Boro 3.3 Funnel is used. 
  • Clamp - Aluminium Spring Clamp is used. 
  • Disc Filters - 3 Types of filters are used: Glass Filter, PTFE-faced FIlter, Stainless Steel Screen Filter. 
  • Flask - Vacuum Filtering Flask with Glass Connector is used. 
  • The Flask and Funnel are made up of superfine Glass Boro 3.3 which is leak-proof as well as chemical resistant. 
  • It comes with a Silicone Stopper which grips the mouth of the flask. 
  • The anodized aluminum spring Clamp is used to hold the funnel and the flask together, ensuring no leakage. 
  • The apparatus can withstand high pressure. 
  • It provides replacement parts for all the accessories. 
  • It comes with optional accessories like a vacuum filtering flask and a glass funnel. 
Storage  The filtration apparatus should be stored in sterilizer ovens to avoid a fast cooling rate. 


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