• Heating Mantle Combined unit made of M. steel
  • Variable knob for heat power control with on/off.
  • Variable Knob for stir speed control with on/off.
  • Mantle knitted with glass fibre yarn
  • Provides uniform heating to flasks
  • For Round Bottomed Flasks as per DIN – 12347
  • Easy maintenance
  • Single position also available with Metallic Stand 1600.DNEU


Technical Specification:

Heating Mantle Body : Made of Mild Steel
Heating mantle material : Glass fibre yarn
Mantle Capacity : To hold Standard round bottom flasks upto 500ml
Valuable stirring speed  : 750 RPM
Temperature Range : Approx. 400°C
Heating Control : Electronic power regulator
Stir Control : Electric regulator
Dimension : 495x246x200
Permissible relative moisture : 80%
Permissible Ambient Temperature : 5-40°C
IP Class : 10
Also Known as : 2300.EU.01, 2300.EU.02, 2300.EU.03

Included Accessory:

Cat. No. Accessories
2000.200.01 Vertical Rod stainless steel length 542mm, ∅ 9.8mm
2000.200.02 Horizontal Rod stainless steel length 972mm, ∅ 9.8mm
2000.200.03 5 Boss Head
2000.200.04 3 clamp


Single Soxhlet Extraction with stirrer:

Extraction unit metal stand with heating mantle stirrer

Model No.

(230V, 50Hz)

Model No.

(115V, 60Hz)

Capacity  (ml) Watts No. of position of regulator
1600.DNEU.01* 1600.DNUS.01 100 170 1/1
1600.DNEU.02* 1600.DNUS.02 250 170 1/1
1600.DNEU.03* 1600.DNUS.03 500 220 1/1