Incubator Shaker

Incubator Shaker

A combination of mixing and incubating the liquids at the same time is termed as an incubator shaker. It is one of the four shakers which is ideal for heating, cooling, shaking, and homogenizing liquid matter with uniform temperature distribution. Cell Cultures are generally prepared in incubator shakers, also known as Thermal Shaker

The incubator shaker is a box-like container that heats, cools, shakes, and mixes the vessel’s liquids. The largest incubator can hold a capacity of 2 liters to 115 liters

Evolution of Incubator Shaker 

The first incubators were invented in the early 1800s which were termed “air-jacketed” incubators. Later, during the year 1960, commercial incubators with CO2 were developed. Furthermore, in the year 2001, the combination of incubator and mixing was enhanced by incubator shakers.

Common Features 

  • Consistent 
  • Uniform Mixing 
  • Accuracy 
  • Safe and Durable 
  • Digital Set-Up 

Used For 

  • Preparing Cell Cultures 
  • Solubility Studies 
  • Bacterial Suspensions 
  • Extraction Process 
  • General Mixing 
  • Hybridizations 
  • Staining and Destaining 
  • Plasmid Purification 

Common Challenges Faced by Users 

  • Long process to incubate first and then shake. 
  • Varied Temperature Distribution 
  • Noisy functioning 

The benchtop incubator shaker at DAN Logitech is a two-in-one instrument that simultaneously stirs and incubates with the required ambient temperature. It is a thermostatically controlled instrument with a compact design which is user friendly and works on a microprocessor


  • Brushless DC Motor 
  • CE Certified 
  • UL Listed 
  • Metal Shaker Body Material 
  • With clear door to allow easy viewing of flasks 

Technical Specifications 

  • Speed Range - 50 RPM to 300 RPM 
  • Fan Speed - 1200 RPM to 3200 RPM 
  • Horizontal Orbital - 20 mm 
  • Capacity - 70 liters 
  • Power - 100 V to 230 V, 600 W 
  • Time - 01min. To 99:59 hrs
  • Permissible Ambient Temperature - 4° C to 45° C 
  • Temperature Control Accuracy - 0° C to 0.3° C 

How DAN Logitech’s Incubator Shaker is a solution? 

  • Silent and Stable Operation 
  • Audible Alarm System for safety and easy operation 
  • Low Power Consumption 
  • Independent 7 segment LED Display.
  • Compatible for use with various capacity flasks and containers

Sr. No. 

Technical Data  DAN Logitech Instruments Pvt. Ltd.  Germany  USA 


Inner Chamber Volume 

70 liters  50 liters  50 liters 


95 kg  37 kg 

75 kg 


Time  01:00 min to 99:59 hours  01:00 min to 999:59 hours 

01:00 min to 99:59 hours 


Audible Alarm 



Frequency  50/60 Hz  50/60 Hz 

50/60 Hz 


Orbital Diameter 

20 mm  20 mm 

19 mm 

Market Presence 

DAN Logitech Private Limited, earlier known as Glassco Laboratory Instruments Private Limited, has a presence in benchtop instruments for over 11 years. Since 2009, it has achieved utility and design patents with UL/CE certificates for each device.


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