Conical Flask

Conical Flask

Conical Flask

A Conical Flask is a cone-shaped flask with a flat round bottom and a cylindrical neck. It was first invented by a German Chemist named Emil Erlenmeyer in the year 1860. The name of the flask hence came out to be Erlenmeyer’s Flask

Erlenmeyer’s Flask is used to prepare concentration solutions and carry out chemical analysis. It is mostly used in the titration process and hence also known as “Titration Flask”. The unique design of this flask allows it to be sealed with a stopper for heating, also allowing the researcher to stir while experimenting. The tapered sides and narrow neck of the flask allow the liquids to mix and swirl easily without any risk of spillage. 

Common features of Conical Flask 

  • Hollow Design 
  • Reliable 
  • Chemical Resistant 
  • Compact 
  • Durable 
  • Available in Clear Glass and Amber Color 

Used At 

  • Bacteriology Labs 
  • Hematology Labs 
  • Microbiology Labs 
  • All General Laboratory Applications 
  • Clinical Chemistry procedures 
  • Research and Development Labs 

Used For 

A conical flask is the most commonly used laboratory equipment in scientific research. It is used to hold and measure chemical liquid samples. Furthermore, these chemicals can be heated, mixed, and boiled in a conical flask depending on the research. This flask is widely used for the preparation of microbial cultures in microbiology labs. 

Types of Conical Flasks  The conical flasks come in two different types : 
  1. Narrow Mouth - It is used to support the filter funnels while experimentation. The solution can be mixed simply by swirling the flask. 
  2. Wide Mouth - It is used to stir the liquids while using a rod. 
Glassco manufacturers both types of conical flasks in all available sizes and standards. 

Sizes Available 

The conical flasks come in different sizes likewise 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 125 ml, 150 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml, 3000 ml, 4000 ml, 5000 ml and 6000 ml. Glassco manufactures all sizes of flasks.

Standards under which Glassco’s Conical Flask is manufactured 

The conical flask is manufactured under two standards namely ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

  • It is made up of solid Borosilicate Glass 3.3 which is shock free as well as chemical resistant
  • There are clear scale graduation and a large marking area on the flask.
  • The flask comes with a beaded rim and heavy wall to reduce chipping and breakage. 
  • Glassco’s conical flask has a minimal thermal expansion
  • It has high light transparency
  • Glassco’s flasks have a stable and robust base
  • Glassco manufactures fully autoclavable conical flasks. 


Before using a conical flask, sterilize it and clean it with a dry cloth. After experimenting, empty the flask and wash it in warm detergent solution for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse it under tap water 3 times. Dry the flask with a clean cotton cloth


A conical flask should be stored at a dry place in a box to prevent dirt. It is preferred to keep them in a cupboard

  • The conical flask can be used to measure the volume of liquids but does not give accurate measurements of volumes. 
  • Gaseous substances can be stored in the conical flask by using a cork. 


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