Heating Mantle Analog (BlackDiamond™)


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  • Designed for advanced Laboratory usage
  • SS & Aluminium Construction
  • For Round Bottomed Flasks as per DIN – 12347
  • Glass fibre yarn knitted mantle provides uniform heating to flask
  • Predictable electronic power regulator
  • Provision to attach accessories
  • Innovative spill collect system enables collection of spillage in case of breakage of flasks
  • Fewer parts give longer life
  • Easy to use and maintain

Technical Specification

Heating Mantle Body : Metallic, SS & Aluminium construction
Heating Mantle Material : Glass Fibre Yarn
Mantle Capacity : To hold standard Round Bottom Flasks upto 20000ml (as per DIN 12347)
Temperature Range : ~400?C
Control Accuracy : 10%
Heating Control : Variable
: 168x240x182 (WxDxH)
Permissible Ambient Temperature : 5-40°C
Permissible relative moisture : 80%
IP Class : 10
Model No. Capacity (ml) W Dimension
1220.DNEU.01100*200 167x240x182
1220.DNEU.02250*200 167x240x182
1220.DNEU.03500*250 217x287x203
1220.DNEU.041000*350 217x287x203
1220.DNEU.052000*500 309x390x262
1220.DNEU.063000*500 309x390x262
1220.DNEU.085000*650 309x390x262


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