Bottle Top Dispenser

Bottle Top Dispenser

Bottle Top Dispenser


The Bottle Top Dispenser is a liquid handling method used to transfer the appropriate quantities of liquid from one bottle to another. This method was introduced to specify the accurate quantities of liquids in the bottles. 

Challenges Faced 

  • Wastage of chemicals. 
  • Accidental Spillage of liquids. 
  • Inaccurate proportion of liquids. 

Used At 

  • Pharmaceutical Industries 
  • Healthcare Industries 
  • Academic and Research Institutes 
  • Life Science and Biotechnology Labs 
  • Environmental Monitoring 

Distinct Attributes 

  • UV Resistant 
  • Chemically stable 
  • Reliable 
  • Accurate Measurement 
  • Durable 


The Bottle Top Dispensers are generally stored in a cool, dry and clean place in a cupboard or cabinet to ensure its durability. 

Bottle Top Dispenser with Dual Inlet technology 

The Bottle Top Dispenser comes with a Dual Inlet Technology which means that at one time, two liquids can be transferred into a beaker or vessel. In laboratories where one requires to mix the liquids in appropriate quantities, then this process of Liquid Handling is used. It saves time and ensures no liquid spillage of liquids. It is quite similar to the normal Bottle Dispenser, only an extra dispenser is attached. It is the first ever dispenser to offer Dilution, Rinsing, Dual Liquid Handling and Recirculation in a single unit. It is also Calibrated under ISO Standards. 


  • Volume Adjustment Knob 
  • Chuck Nut 
  • Re - Circulation Valve 
  • Delivery Nozzle 
  • Nozzle Cap 
  • Delivery Pipe Cover 
  • Adapter 
  • Threaded Platform Base 
  • Main Housing 
  • Cap for Sterilisation 

Why Glassco’s Bottle Top Dispenser? 

  • It is Chemically Compatible
  • It comes with multiple adaptors
  • It is CE Certified
  • It has specially designed Springless PTFE Valve ensuring jamming free functioning. 
  • It has a highly robust and reliable dispensing technique. 
  • It provides ease in working with soft and smooth Plunger. 

Technical Specification 

  • Fully Autoclavable at 121 degree Celcius (15 Minute Cycle). 
  • Calibration as per ISO 8655 Standards
  • Adaptors available : 28 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 36 mm, 40 mm and 45 mm
  • Adaptors having 360 degree rotation
  • Effortless Volume Setting at 180 degree.


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