Pasteur Pipette

Disposable Pasteur Pipettes


The Pasteur pipettes, also known as Droppers are used to transfer small quantities of liquids. This liquid handling tool was first discovered by a famous scientist Louis Pasteur in the 19th century. He is well known for the Pasteurisation process. The “Pasteur Pipettes” were named after his name. The pasteur pipettes are commonly used in laboratories to dispense small amounts of liquid medicines. They are tapered to a narrow opening point at the lower end and fitted with a plastic or rubber bulb at the upper end. The liquid is transferred with the help of a rubber bulb which is fitted on the top of the pipette. 


  • Made of Glass and Plastic 
  • Easy and safe to use 
  • Ideal for Clinical and Industrial use 
  • Chemical Resistant 
  • Economical 
  • Environment friendly 

Commonly used for 

  • Blood Banks 
  • Bacteriology Labs 
  • Haematology Labs 
  • All General Laboratory Applications 
  • Clinical Chemistry procedures 
  • Research and Development Labs 

The disposable pasteur pipettes are used only once in the laboratories and then disposed off to avoid the mixing of liquids. They come in 2 different sizes - Short tip Pipettes and Long tip Pipettes both available with and without cotton plugs.  

The Short tip pipette is 5.75 inches long (14.6 cm) and is used to transfer liquids in less quantity from small vessels. It can accumulate 1 ml in one time. 

The Long tip pipette is 9 inches long (22.9 cm) and is used for liquid handling in large vessels. It can accumulate 2 ml in one time. 

The pipettes with a cotton plug come in both short as well as long tips to reduce the contamination risk. 

Disposable Pasteur Pipettes are preferred over Reusable Pasteur Pipettes because 

  • It is difficult to clean pasteur pipettes. 
  • There is no need to sterilise the disposable pipettes every time after use. 
  • The tips of the pipettes break easily. 
  • The disposable Pasteur Pipettes are cost effective and time saving. 
  • The reusable pipettes may further lead to leaching. 
  • These pipettes are made up of Borosilicate Glass 3.3 and 7.0 expansion
  • The pipettes produced at Glassco have smooth and straight cut fire polished tips to ensure accuracy
  • They come with a cotton plug also to minimise the contamination risk
  • These Disposable Pasteur pipettes facilitate drop control
  • One time use of these pipettes saves a lot of time and energy
  • Glassco’s Disposable Pasteur Pipettes are a precision for Drug test in Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Glassco ensures the safe and convenient packing of these pipettes (In a Pack Size of 200 pcs. and Case Size of 1000 pcs.)


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