Glass filter holder with stainless steel screen, 47mm


Stainless Screen Glass Filter Holder

Cat No. Description
258.245.01 Glass funnel, 300 ml, borosilicate
258.245.02 Spring clamp, 47 mm, aluminum
262.245.03 Glass base, 47 mm
262.245.04 Support screen, 47 mm, stainless steel
262.245.05 Gasket, PTFE
260.245.05 No. 8 perforated stopper, silicone

Optional Accessories

Cat No. Description
074.202.04 Vacuum filtering flask, 1 Ltr
074.202.05 Vacuum filtering flask, 2 Ltr
074.202.07 Vacuum filtering flask, 4 Ltr
074.202.08 Vacuum filtering flask, 5 Ltr
258.245.01A Glass funnel, 500 ml, borosilicate
Item Code Description Pack of
262.202.01Glass filter holder with stainless steel screen 47mm1


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