• Used to filter under vacuum/small volumes for particulate or biological contamination analysis
  • Available in fritted glass or stainless steel
  • Thick prefilters or laminated filters will not seal in this holder
  • Use Durapore (PVDF) membrane or unlaminated PTFE for solvent applications with this apparatus


  • Borosilicate glass funnel and base; fritted glass filter support; anodized aluminum spring clamp; silicone stopper
  • Filter Diameter 25mm
  • Filtration Area cm2
  • Funnel Capacity, 15ml
  • Outlet Fitting Dimensions : No. 5 perforated silicone stopper mounts in standard 125 ml filtering flask
  • Height, 15.2 cm
  • Diameter, 2.5 cm

Replacement Parts:

Cat. No. Description
259.245.01 Funnel,15 ml, borosilicate glass
259.245.02 Fritted Glass Base with stopper, 25 mm
259.245.03 Spring Clamp, 25 mm, aluminum
259.245.06 No. 5 perforated stopper, silicone

Optional Accessories:

Cat. No. Description
259.245.04 Vacuum filtering flask, 125 ml