Mini Centrifuge

Mini centrifuge
Mini centrifuge

A centrifuge is a device used to spin the liquids in centrifuge tubes using centrifugal force. The laboratory centrifuge works on a motor that separates various components of a fluid. Centrifuges come in different sizes and capacities depending on their use. 

Mini Centrifuge is a compact laboratory instrument that is stout and easy to use. The mechanism to carry out the centrifuge process accurately is called Centrifugation. The liquid particles are separated according to their size, shape, viscosity, density, and rotor speed

The first Centrifuge was invented by an English Military Engineer named Benjamin Robins, who proposed the whirling arm apparatus. Later in 1864, Antonin Prandtl fabricated the design and its working. Further, in 1875, his brother Alexander Prandtl made improvements to ensure the unit’s smooth functioning. 

  • Compact 
  • Rugged Design 
  • Durable 
  • Low Working Noise

DAN Logitech Instruments Private Limited by Glassco Group manufactures CE Certified Mini Centrifuge that works perfectly for all the laboratories. It has a high-tech motor that causes low working noise. This rotor has an easy replacement. DAN Logitech’s Mini Centrifuge has an Acceleration Time of 5 seconds at 90% Speed and a Deceleration Time that includes 15 seconds of cover closing and 6 seconds of cover opening

The Mini Centrifuge has a Compact Design and can hold Micro Centrifuge Tubes of up to 2 ml at eight places. It also has a fast stopping in 15 seconds with a cover-breaking time of 3 seconds

  • CE Certified and UL Listed 
  • Low Vibration with Advanced Shock Absorbers 
  • Too Chemical and Heat resistant 
  • Regulates Filtration and Voltage 
  • Two Rotor Selection 
  • Direct Driving Speed 
  • Dynamic Brake System
  • Speed - 4000 RPM to 7200 RPM 
  • Frequency - 50 Hz 
  • Voltage - 230 V 
  • Capacity - 2ml x 8 
  • Relative Centrifugal Force up to 3260 G
  • Dimensions - 174 mm x 157 mm x 130 mm

Glassco’s Microcentrifuge Tube, made of polypropylene, suits best with DAN Logitech’s Mini Centrifuge. They are used for transmitting samples for microanalysis. These tubes are available in capacities of 0.5 ml and 1.5 ml

Also Known as : 5000.EU.01