Pasteur Pipettes Disposable


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Glassco’s Pasteur Pipettes are manufactured to conform strict specification laid down by research and industrial laboratories and are suitable for various laboratory applications.

Common Salient Features:

  • Made op of borosilicate glass
  • Facilitate controlled drop
  • Smooth, straight cut, fire pilished tip (short and long tip )
  • Ideal for clinical & industrial use
  • Disposable
  • Supplied in convenient packing
Item Code Product Description Overall Length(cm) Pieces/Case
24672.200 Boro Glass 7.0 Expansion14.61000
24672.608 Boro Glass 7.0 Expansion with controlled drop14.61000
24672.380 Boro Glass 7.0 Expansion22.91000
24672.010 Boro Glass (3.3) pipette short tip (2ml)14.61000
23283.916 Boro Glass (3.3) pipette short tip Controlled drop(2ml)14.61000
24673.043 Boro Glass (3.3) Pipette long tip(2ml)22.91000


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