This has been designed for better and accurate control of the distillation unit. It has been incorporated with advanced microcontroller based electronic circuitry, which gives and easy user machine interaction.
The alpha numeric LCD which has been used shows all messages that correspond to the running of the machine.

  • Environment friendly & suitability
  • One Touch Use, Fully Automatic ,
  • Intelligent, dual stage all glass type
  • Fully automatic control save energy & money– By setting the required output volume in litters. Aer completion of the process heater is turned off and the cooling water inlet is closed automatically.
  • Boiler empty detection intelligence built in– when the water level inside the boiler drops below the heater, boiler empty condition is detected.
  • Gate Valve to one side – Conserves cooling water wastage in case of power failure
  • Flow switch – In built safety feature for the equipment unit shut off in case of cooling water failure. When the inlet water flow to the unit is low, this error is displayed with buzzer indication. The process in paused until the inlet flow is resumed.
  • Easy to read Alpha numeric LCD and keypad for all settings and messages that correspond to the running of the machine.
  • Auto cleaning detection
  • Probe error detection
  • So Calibration of output volume to compensate seasonal temperature and flow rate changes
  • Manual overriding flow sensor and Gate (solenoid) valve
  • Serviceability Replaceable Silica sheathed (Quartz) Heater
  • Safety of user & instrument against wattage/power variation

Technical Specification:

Model No. DN.WD.01 DN.WD.01
Output Cap. (approx.) 2 ltrs/hr 4 ltrs/hr
Stage Double Stage Double Stage
Cooling water requirement (approx.) 2 ltr/min 2-4 ltr/min
Conductivity uS/cm 0.8-1.0 0.8-1.0
Power Rating (Total) 3.0KW 6.0KW
AC Voltage 220-240VAC 220-240VAC
AC Frequency 50-60Hz 50-60Hz