Three in One Combo Automatic 6 Place Digestion With Distillation & Scrubber With Common Touch Screen Control & Display

Kjeldahl method was develop by Danish chemist, Johan G.C.T. kjeldahl, in 1883 to determine the nitrogen contents in organic and inorganic substances. This method is an analytical chemistry method that helps in the quantitative measurement and determination of nitrogen present in both organic and inorganic compounds. It is subjected to many applications in foodstuffs, fertilizers, waste water, soil, feed, grain and other substances for precision and reproducibility.

The Glassco nitrogen analyzer unit with control panel along with inbuilt temperature controller, timer, mother board and SMPS isolated in separate control tower and housing to protect electronics from wet chemistry & acid/ alkali process area for longevity and safety of all electronic components helps in chemical analysis of nitrogen in all compounds. The method used in this instrument is most accurate versatile. Water in the scrubber tank is drained and filled automatically every time at the end of digestion thereby draining the water for every consecutive cycle. Manual drain of water from the scrubber tank is also provided. A separate distilled water line to the steam generator. Auto refilling of distilled water to the steam generator is provided by using a proximity sensor. Monitoring of boiler water level from outside. Users choice to choose independent or combined operation of digestion and distillation. Inbuilt safety from Over voltage

Technical Specification:

Model : DENITRO.01
Material of construction : MS with powder coated finish
Operations : Digestion, Distillation and Scrubb
Cooling System & Automatic : Through water coil condenser in higher models
No of samples : 6 nos
Tube dimension : 42 x 300mm
Tube capacity : 250ml (Borosilicate Glass 3.3)
Process controller : 4.3” TFT touch screen controller
Mode of operation : Auto and Manual
Digestion Heating block : Extruded Aluminium block HE 30 Grade 6063 for 6 samples
Digestion Heater : Casted Aluminium alloy heater IS 4159
Digestion Heater wattage : 1500 W
Digestion Temperature controller : PID controller
Digestion Temperature Range : 50 degree to 450 degree
Digestion temperature accuracy : +/- 1%
Digestion temperature sensor : Chromal K type thermocouple upto 1200°C
Digestion program : 5 program and 5 steps
Digestion program parameter : Temperature and time
Digestion block insulation : Ceramic wool
Digestion acid fumes removal : Teflon adaptor fuse to manifold using & outlet connected to the glass suction pump
Handle : Polyamide
Two tier console : To place Insert rack and Manifold Rack
Digestion tube insert Rack : Stainless steel-SS304 with Glossy Finish
Digestion Manifold Rack : Stainless steel-SS304 with Glossy Finish
Digestion Drip Tray : Stainless steel-SS304 with Glossy Finish
Exhaust fume condensation : In water
Scrubber tank : Stainless Steel 304
Scrubber water leveller : Float switch
Scrubber tank capacity : 10 litre
Scrubber suction pump : Giant filter pump
Distillation expansion vessel : Glass vessel with Teflon insert for alkali addition inlets nippons for alkali addition and steam addition
Scrubber water re-circulation pump : 2 Magnetic pump with flow rate of 18L/min
Scrubbing Tubing Hardness : Silicone tube 70±5 shore A, Temp. resistance -60°C to +200°C
Real time monitoring of process : yes
No of distillation : One at a time
Distillation programme : 5 program/3 steps
Distillation Programme steps : Alkali, reaction delay and Process
Distillation Dosing pump : For alkali addition 24 DC Motor 500 ml/min
Distillation steam Generator : Stainless steel-SS304 with pressure release valve to back suction of sample
Distillation water condenser : Glass with 2 bulb and coil condenser
Distillation solenoid valves : For Steam, Refilling and Vent
Distillation Heater : Immersion Heater
Distillation Heater Wattage : 1500 W
Distilled water tank : PVC
Distilled water tank capacity : 5 Lit
Distillation Reagent tank : PVC
Distillation Reagent tank capacity : 2 lit
Electrical requirement : 230v/50Hz/16A
Unit Dimension : 32 x 26 x 41 inches
Connectivity to printer : Available for higher models
Connectivity to USB : Available for higher models
Real Time Monitoring of Process : Yes
Nitrogen recovery : 99.5%
Nitrogen reproductiobility : +/-1%
RSD : <1%
LOD : 1-200 mg with >_0.1mg of Nitrogen
Total Time process : 2.5 Hours