Three in One Combo Automatic 6 Place Digestion With Distillation & Scrubber With Common Touch Screen Control & Display

  • The control panel unit along with inbuilt temperature controller, timer, mother board and SMPS is be isolated in separate control tower and housing to protect electronics from wet chemistry & acid/ alkali process area for longevity and safety of all electronic components.
  • Water in the scrubber tank is drained and filled automatically every time at the end of digestion thereby draining the water for every consecutive cycle.
  • Manual drain of water from the scrubber tank is also provided.
  • A separate distilled water line to the steam generator.
  • Auto refilling of distilled water to the steam generator is provided by using a proximity sensor.
  • Monitoring of boiler water level from outside.
  • Users choice to choose independent or combined operation of digestion and distillation.
  • Inbuilt safety from Over voltage

Technical Specification:

Model : DN.NA.01
Material of construction : MS with powder coated finish
Operations : Digestion, Distillation and Scrubb
Cooling System & Automatic : Through water coil condenser in higher models
No of samples : 6 nos
Tube dimension : 42 x 300mm
Tube capacity : 250ml (Borosilicate Glass 3.3)
Process controller : 4.3” TFT touch screen controller
Mode of operation : Auto and Manual
Digestion Heating block : Extruded Aluminium block HE 30 Grade 6063 for 6 samples
Digestion Heater : Casted Aluminium alloy heater IS 4159
Digestion Heater wattage : 1500 W
Digestion Temperature controller : PID controller
Digestion Temperature Range : 50 degree to 450 degree
Digestion temperature accuracy : +/- 1%
Digestion temperature sensor : Chromal K type thermocouple upto 1200°C
Digestion program : 5 program and 5 steps
Digestion program parameter : Temperature and time
Digestion block insulation : Ceramic wool
Digestion acid fumes removal : Teflon adaptor fuse to manifold using & outlet connected to the glass suction pump
Handle : Polyamide
Two tier console : To place Insert rack and Manifold Rack
Digestion tube insert Rack : Stainless steel-SS304 with Glossy Finish
Digestion Manifold Rack : Stainless steel-SS304 with Glossy Finish
Digestion Drip Tray : Stainless steel-SS304 with Glossy Finish
Exhaust fume condensation : In water
Scrubber tank : Stainless Steel 304
Scrubber water leveller : Float switch
Scrubber tank capacity : 10 litre
Scrubber suction pump : Giant filter pump
Distillation expansion vessel : Glass vessel with Teflon insert for alkali addition inlets nippons for alkali addition and steam addition
Scrubber water re-circulation pump : 2 Magnetic pump with flow rate of 18L/min
Scrubbing Tubing Hardness : Silicone tube 70±5 shore A, Temp. resistance -60°C to +200°C
Real time monitoring of process : yes
No of distillation : One at a time
Distillation programme : 5 program/3 steps
Distillation Programme steps : Alkali, reaction delay and Process
Distillation Dosing pump : For alkali addition 24 DC Motor 500 ml/min
Distillation steam Generator : Stainless steel-SS304 with pressure release valve to back suction of sample
Distillation water condenser : Glass with 2 bulb and coil condenser
Distillation solenoid valves : For Steam, Refilling and Vent
Distillation Heater : Immersion Heater
Distillation Heater Wattage : 1500 W
Distilled water tank : PVC
Distilled water tank capacity : 5 Lit
Distillation Reagent tank : PVC
Distillation Reagent tank capacity : 2 lit
Electrical requirement : 230v/50Hz/16A
Unit Dimension : 32 x 26 x 41 inches
Connectivity to printer : Available for higher models
Connectivity to USB : Available for higher models
Real Time Monitoring of Process : Yes
Nitrogen recovery : 99.5%
Nitrogen reproductiobility : +/-1%
RSD : <1%
LOD : 1-200 mg with >_0.1mg of Nitrogen
Total Time process : 2.5 Hours