Unit consist of :

• High purity quartz with inbuilt heater

• Bot tom discharge joint for easy cleaning

• Spiral condenser is fitted on the boiler with receiving adapter

• Optional safety control unit provided.


Conductivity 1. 0-1.5 uS/cm with Borosilicate Condenser
0.5-0.8 uS/cm with Quar tz Condenser
Distilled Water Quality  Pyrogen Free
Distillate Temperature 50-60°C

*All Parameters are under standard test conditions


Advantages :

• Quartz can withstand very high temperature variation, thus it is thermal shock proof.

• Rust proof sturdy stand as base.

Key Features:

• Distilate is pyrogen free; also it is free of heavy metals.

• Low maintenance is required.

• Provides instant distilled water in less than one minute


Spares for above distillation unit

Conductivity Output Capacity Ltr/hr. Description Pack of
GLSD-25-QBS 2.5 Quartz boiling chamber 1
GLSD-50-QBS  5 Quartz boiling chamber  1
GLSD-80-QBS  8 Quartz boiling chamber  1
GLSD-100-QBS  10 Quartz boiling chamber  1
GLSD-25-BCC 2.5 Borosilicate Coil Condenser 1
GLSD-50-BCC  5 Borosilicate Coil Condenser 1
GLSD-80-BCC  8 Borosilicate Coil Condenser 1
GLSD-100-BCC  10 Borosilicate Coil Condenser 1


Accessories for above Distillation unit

Item Code Output Capacity Ltr/hr. Description
GLSI-SCU-1 2.5 & 5 Safety Cut-off Device
GLSI-SCU-2 8 & 10 Safety Cut-off Device