Unit consist of :
a) Horizontal type boiler borosilicate glass
b) Condenser
c) Constant level device
d) Silica sheathed (Quar tz) heater
e) With stand and clamp etc


Key Features :

  • Borosilicate condenser and boiler are fit ted with a removable silica sheathe (Quartz) heater.
  • Distillate temperature is around 65 to 75°C which is ensured by an efficient condenser.
  • The stand is powder coated for rust free operation and lustrous appearance.
  • The unit automatically switches of f if water level in the boiler falls below heater.
  • Cooling water from the condenser is re-circulated into the boiling chamber, hence saving energy.
  • Drain nozzle/Teflon stop cork is provided for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The model is equipped with in-built temperature switch to protect the Glass par ts in case of water failure or overheating.


Spares for above distillation unit

Conductivity Output Capacity Ltr/hr. Description Pack of
GLWS-SH-15BCS 1.5 Boiling Chamber with Leveller 1
GLWS-SH-25BCS  2.5 Boiling Chamber with Leveller  1
GLWS-SH-40BCS  4 Boiling Chamber with Leveller  1
GLWS-SH-15BCC 1.5 Coil Condenser  1
GLWS-SH-25BCC 2.5 Coil Condenser 1
GLWS-SH-40BCC  4 Coil Condenser 1
GLSI-SH-HS15  1.5 Silica Sheathed (Quartz) Heater 1
GLSI-SH-HS25 2.5 Silica Sheathed (Quartz) Heater 1
GLSI-SH-HS40  4 Silica Sheathed (Quartz) Heater 1