Reloading Tray


Reloading Tray

Reload rack with minimal efforts
Tips pre- arranged in 8×12 format
Minimal wastage
Free from DNase, RNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen & PCR inhibitor

Item Code Tips Volume (ul) Description (1 Box Consist of) Sterile Low Intension Pack of
500.10.K1096 Tips x10 Racks 1
500.10.S.K1096 Tips x10 Racks 1
500.10.S.L.K1096 Tips x10 Racks1
500.200.K20096 Tips x10 Racks 1
500.200.S.K20096 Tips x10 Racks 1
500.200.S.L.K20096 Tips x10 Racks1
500.1000.K100096 Tips 5 Racks 1
500.1000.S.K100096 Tips 5 Racks 1
500.1000.S.L.K100096 Tips 5 Racks1
500.1000XL.K125096 Tips 6 Racks 1
500.1000XL.S.K125096 Tips 6 Racks 1
500.1000XL.S.L.K125096 Tips 6 Racks1


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