Mini Shaker


A Mini Shaker is an instrument used to mix liquids in small vessels or tubes with the help of adaptors. This instrument has the possibility to fix adaptors for assisting the use of a microtiter plate, selective tubes in soft adapters which helps in easy shaking movement of the liquid in tubes in the attachments. 


  1. Orbital Movement 
  2. Vortex movements also possible
  3. LED Display for clear visibility
  4. Compact Design 
  5. Speed Stability 
  6. Continuous and One Shot Operation 
  7. Choice of menus 


The Mini Shaker is generally used in Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories to mix liquids. The Mini shaker is suitable for shaking tasks with all small vessels and microtiter plates.

Two - Way Mixing Modes 

DAN Logitech’s Mini Shaker is used for mixing the solutions in two different ways. 

  • Normal Mixing (Orbital) - This is done for mixing the solutions with attachments mounted on the shaker. Mixing Speeds are limited to 1500 for safety, however one can choose to override. 
  • Vortex Mixing - This function mixes the liquids in a single time with high speed. Within a couple of seconds, the liquids are mixed up. The mixing speed is 3000 RPM.

Why DAN Logitech’s Mini Shaker? 

  • It provides a wide range of attachments and adaptors
  • DAN Logitech’s mini shaker has a timer with countdown function
  • The Mini Shaker is CE Certified
  • It is made from a combination of plastic and metal for stability.
  • The shaking blocks are convenient for replacement

Technical Specifications 

  • IP Class 21. 
  • Power upto 10 W. 
  • Voltage range 100 V to 240 V. 
  • Speed from 100 RPM to 3000 RPM. 
  • Shaker Orbit of 3 mm. 
  • Timer setup upto 99:59 hours. 


DNS-A Foam tube holder with 20 holes used for 1.5/0.2 ml tubes having diameter 9.8 mm. 
2. DNS-B Foam tube holder with 36 holes used for 0.5 ml tubes having diameter 6.6 mm. 
3. DNS-C Foam tube holder with 70 holes used for 0.2 ml tubes having diameter 5 mm. 
4. DNS-D  Foam tube holder with 8 holes used for 15 ml tubes having diameter 14 mm. 
5. DNS-E Foam tube holder with 4 holes used for 50 ml tubes having diameter 26.2 mm. 
6. DNS-F Standard head suitable for tubes and containers with diameter < 30 mm. 
7. DNS-G Convex Pad suitable for tubes and containers with diameter < 99 mm. 
8. DNS-H 4 Tubes holder platform for 15 ml tubes. 
9. DNS-I 2 Tubes holder platform for 50 ml tubes. 
10. DNS-J 22 Tubes holder platform for 1.5/2.0 ml tubes. 
11. DNS-K Plate holder platform for all standard plates. 
12. DNS-M Standard platform to hold foam tube holder. 

Also Known as : 3800.EU.01