• Aluminium Moulded Construction
  • Ceramic coated plate alloy, chemically resistant
  • Chemically resistant keypad
  • Even heat distribution at faster rate.
  • Thermal insulation for cool body operation.
  • Digital set up temperature controller with independent LED display.
  • Set safety cut-off for maximum temperature limit for top plate or probe.
  • Installed with double PT sensors for fail safe operating mechanism.
  • Hot top indicator for temperature above 50°C even when switched off.
  • Inclusive PT 100 temperature sensors probe.
  • Audible alarm at time cycle end for safety and ease of unsupervised operation.
  • Top plate Ø 145 mm to assist beaker upto 2000 ml & Adapter.
  • Compatible for use with all major brands top assemblies 1 Cavity, 3 Cavities or Multiple Cavities.
  • Digital setup of time with independent LED display.
  • Selection of plate and probe temperature.
  • Error code display at failures
  • Digital setup of RPM with independent LED diplay.
  • Count-up indication of minutes and hours.
  • Single multi-turn intelligent knob Operation.
  • Selection of Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • High magnetic strength.


Technical Specification:

Heang Mantle Material : Alluminium Alloy with ceramic coating
Dimension of heating plate : Ø145mm
Three display windows for  : Temperature, RPM and time
Speed range : 50-1500 RPM
Maximum srring bar Length : Can use upto 80 mm bar (at lower speed)
Temperature Range : Ambient to 350°C approx
Adjustable safety cut off : 50-400°C
Control accuracy of PT100 : ± 1K
Dimensions of hot plate body : 273x160x102mm
Weight of body : 3.3 kgs
Permissible ambient Temperature : 5- 40 °C
Permissible relave moisture : 80%
RS 232 interface : Yes (for programming)
IP Class : 32
Also Known as : 610.DG.01, 610.DG.02


Included Accessory:

Cat. No. Accessories
850.800.01 Rod Stainless Steel length 400 mm, Ø 12 mm
850.800.02 Magnetic Stirring bar 35 mm x 9 mm
850.800.03 Moulded PT 100 sensor probe
850.800.04 Boss Head


Optional Accessory:

Cat. No. Accessory (Aluminum Adapter for Round Bot tom Flasks)
Flask Capacity (ml)
610.ADP.00 10ml 8
610.ADP.01 25ml 7
610.ADP.02 50ml 4
610.ADP.03 100ml 1



Temp RPM Plate Size Vessel Capacity Plate Material
350° C 50-1500 RPM 145mmØ upto 2L Beakers Aluminium Alloy Ceramic