Graduated Pipette (Serological), CLASS-AS, Batch certificate, USP


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Graduated Pipettes Type 3 (Serological), Class AS

  • Compliance with USP Standard
  • With batch certificate

USPbatch CALIBRATION certificateAmber PrintingBorosilicate glass 3.3 is highly resistant to water effects, neutral and acid solutions, heavy acids and their mixtures, to chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic compounds. Even in long-term effects and at temperatures above 100 °C, this glass outstrips with its chemical durability most metals and other raw materials. Class of Resistance to Acid Effects (ISO 1776 a DIN 12116) is Class S1.Class AS

Item Code Capacity (ml) Sub Division Tolerance (± ml) Colour Code Pack of
125.461. WHITE5
125.461.00A0.20.010.010 BLACK5
125.461.0110.010.010 YELLOW5
125.461.0220.020.010 BLACK5
125.461.0350.050.020 RED5
125.461.04100.100.030 ORANGE5
125.461.06250.100.050 WHITE5


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