Volumetric Flask, CLASS A, UNSERIALIZED, With Penny Head Stopper, ASTM


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ASTM E-288batch certificate




  • These flasks are made as per ASTM E-288, Class-A unserialized specification
  • The flasks have diamond graduated line and are calibrated TC (To Contain)
  • Printed in white colour enamel & with Batch Certificate

Boro 3.3 or Borosilicate 3.3 is a type of glass having very low coefficient of thermal expansionWhite PrintingChemical Resistantclass AGLASS STOPPERDiamond Ring




* Non ASTM

Item Code Capacity (ml) Tolerance (+_ml) Stopper Size Stopper Type Pack of
134.234.00*10.018 Penny Head2
134.234.00B*20.018 Penny Head2
134.234.0150.029 Penny Head2
131.234.0150.0813 Penny Head2
134.234.02100.029 Penny Head2
131.234.02100.0813 Penny Head2
134.234.03*200.039 Penny Head2
131.234.03*200.0813 Penny Head2
134.234.04250.039 Penny Head2
131.234.04250.0813 Penny Head2
134.234.05500.059 Penny Head2
131.234.05500.0813 Penny Head2
134.234.061000.0813 Penny Head2
131.234.061000.1016 Penny Head2
134.234.072000.1016 Penny Head2
131.234.072000.2019 Penny Head2
134.234.082500.1216 Penny Head2
131.234.082500.2019 Penny Head2
131.234.095000.2019 Penny Head2
131.234.1010000.3022 Penny Head2
131.234.1120000.5027 Penny Head1
131.234.13*40001.2038 Penny Head1
131.234.15*60001.5038 Penny Head1


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