The tester features a unique metal surface electrode that provides fast and easy on the spot EC(mS/cm) measurements for soil and hydroponics nutrient etc.

Operating Instruction

  1. Take off the protective cap from the metal probe
  2. Press OFF/ON button Tester display “0″.
  3. Quick testing: Water the soil with distilled water before testing. Make sure the water can go 10 cm deep at the least. The best humidity is 60%-80%. Insert the metal probe into the soil vertically and clockwise, to about 6-8 cm deep. Make sure the soil have thorough contact with the metal probe. After about 6 seconds, the tester will display the measured value. The tightness of soil will affect the measuring result. Multiple tests at the same and different points should be performed and take the average as the final result.
    Accurate testing: Use a container, mix dried soil with distilled water at the rate of 10:1. Stir and make it into a mud form. Put the metal probe into the mud about 6-8CM deep. In about 6 seconds, the tester will display the measured value.
  4. Wipe the metal probe with a towel or tissue paper after each test. Make it clean and dry. till the display shows “0″.

Technical Specification (6 Position):

Range : 0-1999 EC(mS/cm);
Resolution : 0.10 EC(mS/cm)
Accuracy : ± 0.1EC (00-100 EC)
Operating Temp : 5-45°C (41 – 113°FVATC
Calibration : 1 point (6.7EC /Factory calibrated -No more calibration)
Power supply : DC 9V(L1022 battery)
Display : LCD with illumination
Dimension : Æ50.5 x 250 mm
Probe length : 140mm
Features : Automatic switch-off function: After about 5 minutes without pushing
buttons, the meter will be switched off automatically (or manual shutdown)