The tester features with innovative nanotechnology metal material sensor, for fast and easy test of pH value of soil, fruit, meat, cheese and other semi-solid media.

Operating Instruction

  1. Take off the protective cap from metal probe
  2. Press OFF/ON button. Tester displays “7.00”.
  3. Insert the metal probe vertically into the sample that requires testing, at least 6-8cm deep. Make sure there is close contact(Soil need to humid~60%-80%). The tester will start testing automatically. After about 1 minute the test is over. Indication light will be on for about 10 seconds. The displayed number is locked, which is the value of pH.
  4. After each test, take out the tester, wipe the metal probe clean with towel or tissue paper. Display will be unlocked, and show “7.00″. It is ready for a newtest.
  5. After use, wipe the metal probe clean until it displays “7.00”. Switch off the tester.

Technical Specification (6 Position):

Range : pH: 3.0-14.0 pH
Resolution : 0.10 pH
Accuracy : ± 0.2 pH(3.0-12.0 pH )
Operating Temp : 5-45 °C
Calibration : 1 point (Factory calibrated -No more calibration)
Power supply : DC 9V(L1022 battery)
Display : LCD
Dimension : Æ50.5 x 250 mm
Probe length : 140mm
Features : Automatic detection of data and lock to keep,automatic switch to OFF in 5 minutes (or manual shutdown).