Cryo Vial PP


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  • Made from Polypropylene
  • Used for storage of Biological material, human & animal cells at temperature as low as -190°C
  • These sterilized tubes are provided with white, prominent graduations and a long marking area for sample identification
  • The cap of these vials is provided with a seal ring inside to make it completely leakproof
  • The longitudinal grooves in the base give a non-twisting feature to these vials when placed in a cryo rack.

Polypropylene Screw Cap can be heated upto121° C safe & strong With Graduation bio 90-120 EXCELLENT CLARITY

Item Code Capacity (ml) Pack of
151.303.011.0 ml1000
151.303.021.8 ml1000
151.303.034.5 ml500


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