Condenser, Leibig


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DIN 12576

  • Compliance with DIN 12576
  • Drip Tip
  • Inter changeable Inner & Outer Joints
  • Made from Heat Resistant, Low Expansion 3.3 Borosilicate Glass

Glass Boro 3.3

Chemical Resistant

Item Code Socket Effective Length (mm.) Cone Connector Pack of
182.181.0114/2316014/23Screw Thread1
182.181.01A19/2616019/26Screw Thread1
182.181.0219/2625019/26Screw Thread1
182.181.0324/2925024/29Screw Thread1
182.181.3A29/3225029/32Screw Thread1
182.181.0419/2630019/26Screw Thread1
182.181.0524/2930024/29Screw Thread1
182.181.0629/3230029/32Screw Thread1
182.181.1024/2940024/29Screw Thread1
182.181.1129/3240029/32Screw Thread1


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