• Stainless steel Insert rack to handle COD digestion tubes.
  • MS rack to keep Air condensers.
  • MS rack with hole to place insert rack with tubes for adding reagents in water.
  • Stainless steel water tank

Technical Specification

No of samples 15
Tube dimension 36 x 200 mm
Tube capacity 150ml
Tube material Glass with ground joint
Reflux condenser Air condenser with ground joint
Reflux condenser dimension 640mm
Heating block Extruded Aluminium block
Well depth 90mm
Material of construction of housing MS with powder coated finish
Heater Casted Aluminium alloy Heater
Heater wattage 2000 W
Temperature controller PID controller
Process controller 4.3” TFT with touch screen
Temperature range 50 degree to 300 degree
Temperature accuracy +/- 1%
Temperature sensor K type thermocouple
Block insulation Ceramic wool
No of Programs 5 program
No of steps 5 steps
Type of program Time and Temperature
Feature touch membrane key pad Power and Heater
Over voltage protection By circuit breaker
Electrical requirement 230V/50Hz/10A
Unit dimension 56 x 14 x 36 Inches (L x B x H)