Unit has been designed keeping in view customer requirements and easy serviceability of the equipment.

Unit consists of :

  • Lower boiler with inbuilt heater enclosed in a quar tz boiler with a cup on top.
  • Demountable upper boiler with built in quar tz coil and condensing unit mounted on the boiler with the help of ball and socket joint
  • Double walled condenser ensures separate condensation of vapours coming from the two boilers using a single cooling circuit
  • Unit mounted on a specially designed metal stand and is also provided with automatic safety Control Unit


Double Distillate Quality:

Parameters Values
Specific Conductivity 0.1 us/cm
Biological Activity
(distillate quality)
Pyrogen Free
Organic Matter NIL
Total Solids 0.1 mg/ltr

* We recommend a Quar tz Reservoir For storage of High purity water.
* All Parameters are under standard test conditions


Spare Parts for above:

Item Code Output Capacity ltr./Hr Description Pack Of
GLDD-15AQ-PB 1.5 Quar tz Primary Boiler 1
GLDD-25AQ-PB 2.5 Quartz Primary Boiler 1
GLDD-40AQ-PB 4 Quartz Primary Boiler 1
GLDD-50AQ-PB 5 Quartz Primary Boiler 1
GLDD-15AQ-SC 1.5 Quartz Secondary Boiler 1
GLDD-25AQ-SC 2.5 Quartz Secondary Boiler 1
GLDD-40AQ-SC 4 Quartz Secondary Boiler 1
GLDD-50AQ-SC 5 Quartz Secondary Boiler 1
GLSI-SCU-15AQ 1.5 Safety Cut-off Device 1
GLSI-SCU-25AQ 2.5 Safety Cut-off Device 1
GLSI-SCU-40AQ 4 Safety Cut-off Device 1
GLSI-SCU-50AQ 5 Safety Cut-off Device 1