Universal Graduated Tips

The Universal Graduated Tips of the micropipettes are used for transferring the liquids from one container to another in different quantities (fixed or variable). These graduated tips are contamination and spill free which helps in easy liquid handling. They come in a variety of sizes depending upon the volume of the liquid to be transferred. They are also available with sterilisation, low retention and filter


The micropipettes can be easily stored in cupboards or cabinets but the tips of the pipettes are to be taken care of while storing. The tips are generally stored in an autoclavable rack which is stackable. The Universal Graduated Tips of different volumes can be stored in different racks which can be easily identified with different colours. The hinge on the rack allows single hand operation. Apart from this, there is a Reloading Tray available for multichannel pipettes to ensure minimal wastage. This reloading tray is free from enzymes like DNase, RNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen and PCR Inhibitor.


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