Achema Ad MAY JUNE 2018

Glassco is the first company to showcase the wifi smart lab concept at Achema 2018 GERMANY introduced as Connect-Labs now known as Labs - Connect™

This technology helps in the following ways
  • Gets you the remote access of the device to manage the device.
  • Helps you gets the reports generated automatically as all the data is already there on the system.
  • Alerts on reaching the desired values as set on the device
  • Approximately no paper is involved.
  • We can do multitasking as we do not have to sit and see the results and note them down.
  • Can set alarms for any process or alerts.
  • We can watch the reactions going on in the chemicals remotely through live video streaming.
  • We can connect labs present at different locations.
  • Can do experiments at different labs and manage all at the same time.
  • Your instrument is with you, where ever you are with the help of internet.
  • Data gets collected at a place automatically and can be kept for no. of days.