Do an audit brings you lot of headache and you quickly scan stacks of paperwork to find the glassware certifications that go with them?
It’s not an easy thing to do.

We have first-hand experience with the challenges users face when attempting to manually track information like Lot Number, Certificates, and Compliance details for their lab. The pharmaceutical industry wastes too much money on human errors like incorrect glassware usage, mixups, and inventory maintenance.

Glassco is here with a solution to all these problems by introducing the world’s first LIMS Compatible QR-Coded glassware.

  • It can be easily registered, documented, and traceable in the laboratory using LIMS.
  • In the laboratory, documentation of glassware becomes automatic, easy, and error free.

Out of Specifications due to Glassware become a thing of the past.  The whole process is now easier and more efficient with the help of Glassco’s QR CODED LIMS Compatible glassware.

Scannable QR-LabGlass provides complete details of the glassware, such as type, registration, lot acceptance, issuance, usage, and breakage. It also helps in the prevention of mix-ups, controls allocation, and prevents erroneous dilution.

Traceability aids quality control by notifying misuse of glassware, OOS rapid attendance, paperwork reduction, use and certification traceability, as well as compliance and inventory tracking, are just a few of the many uses for traceability.

5 advantages of QR Coded LIMS Compatible Lab Glassware You just can’t afford to ignore

1. Improved Accuracy: QR coded lab glassware provides a more accurate way to track and identify samples, reducing the risk of mislabeling or contamination.

2. Enhanced Efficiency: QR coded lab glassware allows for faster sample identification, reducing the time required to process samples.

3. Improved Traceability: The use of QR codes allows for more detailed tracking of samples, making it easier to trace the source of any contamination or errors.

4. Enhanced Security: QR codes can be used to secure lab glassware, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to the samples.

5. Cost Savings: The use of QR codes helps to reduce costs associated with manual tracking and identification of samples.

A step towards making Paperless LaboratoriesGo Green Go Glassco.

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