Safety Features

  • Auto cut off of heater, when the water supply to the  condenser is unavailable.
  • Auto cut off of power to the Heater and condenser valve, on collection of sufficient distilled water in the tank.
  • Water level monitoring window.
  • Over voltage Circuit breaker protection.
  • Complete shutdown of system on achieving the set water level in the distilled water container.
  • Auto switching ON of the system when the water level is below the set level.
  • Easy and safe dismantling of steam generator and water condenser for cleaning and removing of scale formation.
  • Space saving, compact and user friendly.

Technical Specification:

Steam Generator Dual High-grade SS Steam Generator
Water condenser Dual High-grade SS Water condenser
Housing material of construction MS with powder-coated finish
Water level monitoring & control Photoelectric sensor
Rate of Distillation 1.5 lit/Hour double distillation
Heater Dual Immersion Heater
Heater wattage 2500 W each
Distilled water collection tank Dual PVC Collection tank
Distilled water tank capacity 5 lit
Membrane keypad with indications 4.3” Touch with membrane keyboard
Electrical Requirement 230V/50 Hz/single phase