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The best suppliers of scientific and chemical laboratory glassware but don’t know whom to choose?

Where to buy from? Are they genuine lab glass suppliers? Do they sell original laboratory glassware?
You have wasted a lot of money using poor laboratory glassware.
Here are some fantastic facts about Laboratory Glassware Suppliers that will enlighten you and help you choose the best suppliers of scientific glassware!!


9 Problems you are facing while purchasing from a Laboratory Glassware Supplier!!


low Grade

High Prices of famous Brands

Famous Brands have high prices for their products to attain a brand value and brand name in the market. These products do not have value for money due to high costs, thereby incurring huge expenses.



Unavailability of Customized Glassware

The unavailability of customized glassware with the lab glassware suppliers makes the experiments hectic and challenging for the users as the process becomes very lengthy. Moreover, the lack of customization increases the cost of glassware for the user.



Unstandardized and Non-Compliant Glassware

The unavailability of glassware standards like ASTM, ISO, USP, and DIN makes the laboratory glassware non-compliant to the FDA, resulting in inaccurate drugs, money loss, and unapproved FDA Audits.



Non-Certified Glassware

Due to the unavailability of certified laboratory glassware, the drugs prepared in it will not be approved by the FDA. Ultimately, the medicines will not be ready on time and will lead to a lot of money loss.



No Lab Software Compatible with Glassware

The suppliers of scientific glass manufacturers do not have glassware compatible with Lab Softwares like LIMS, ELN, QMS, and SDMS. It, therefore, doesn’t allow the lab technicians to track, trace, and analyze procedures done in the glass. This leads to different work procedures by users to maintain records separately for their Lab Glass.



Duplicacy of Recognized Brand Names

Lab Glass Suppliers sell duplicate glassware of recognized brands to make more profits out of it. This glassware, when used, leads to leaching, drug loss, unapproved FDA Audits, and inaccurate liquid measurements, thereby wasting a lot of time and money.



Multiple Suppliers for Different Lab Needs

More than one supplier for different laboratory glassware needs increases the costs for the user as he will have to look for multiple suppliers of specific products. In addition, it will become hectic for the lab to trace its suppliers in case of any fault in the product.



Late Delivery

When the laboratory glassware is not delivered to the user in the given lead time provided by the laboratory glassware suppliers, the drugs are not produced on time. As a result, it becomes a hectic and delayed process for the user.



Unreliable and Cheap Laboratory Equipment

Different laboratory equipment like plasticware, metalware, and rubberware, is not superior quality and is mostly overpriced. The plasticware is not made from virgin plastic and has imperfect measurements. Metalware lacks soft edges. It tends to rust easily because of inferior quality metal used, and rubberware releases a pungent smell that is not health-friendly.
There are a lot of scientific and chemical Laboratory Glassware Suppliers out there. It becomes challenging to choose the best one. Only reputed lab suppliers can offer you the best glassware that delivers accurate results and saves your time and money.

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How is Glassco a Perfect Solution among all Laboratory Glassware Suppliers?


Best Laboratory Glassware at Right Price

Being a value brand and the manufacturer of laboratory glassware, Glassco supplies the best and world-class scientific glassware products at the correct prices.


Customized Glassware

Glassco is a laboratory glassware manufacturing company that is always ready to produce customized glassware for its users according to their requirements. It has a wide range of readily available customization, allowing users to select and choose custom glassware for their laboratories quickly.


Standardized and Compliant Glassware

Glassco is the first-ever glassware manufacturing plant to produce all four standards of glassware (ASTM, ISO, USP, DIN) under one roof. As a result, Glassco’s glassware is compliant with the standards it is manufactured for. It has inventory promptly available for all the standards of glassware.


Certified Glassware

Glassco has its own NABL and ISO Certified Calibration Lab that calibrates the volumetric glassware that helps to achieve high-precision results by providing certificates for the same. In addition, Glassco’s QR Lab GlassTechnology (first in the world) gives you access to the certificates at any point in time.


LIMS Compatible Laboratory Glassware

Glassco is the world’s first glassware manufacturing company to manufacture LIMS Compatible glassware and has collaborated with CaliberLIMS to provide high-tech solutions. This enables the user to easily track the flask’s life cycle and download the certificate within fractions of seconds.


Zero Duplicacy

As Glassco is a value brand, its products are not over-priced, giving no reason to sell duplicate laboratory glassware in the market.



Glassco manufactures all the lab needs like glassware, metalware, rubberware, plasticware, quartzware, disposable glassware, benchtop lab instruments, liquid handling, filtration, water distillation, and lab essentials, a One-Stop-Solution to its suppliers. In addition, Glassco manufactures a wide range of benchtop laboratory instruments under its sister concern - ‘DAN Logitech Instruments Pvt. Ltd.’


Timely Delivery

Glassco works with the motto ‘Time is Money’ and understands the urgency of the users to deliver laboratory glassware within lead time. Therefore, ensuring the timely delivery of goods to its end users is Glassco’s utmost duty.


High-Grade Laboratory Equipment

Glassco’s laboratory equipment is made from superfine quality raw material that is not harmful to the users. A quality check is done before to ensure that the best quality products are sold in the market.
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Why Glassco Laboratory Equipments Pvt. Ltd.?

Glassco is a 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU) by India’s government importing duty-free raw material manufactured and sold at good quality and better price, thereby making Glassco a Value Brand.
These numbers will excite you more about the industry:
    • 52 Years of experience 
    • 87 Suppliers worldwide 
    • 231 Suppliers in India 
    • 21588 Product SKUs 
    • Inventory worth 2.5 million units readily available

If you Switch to Glassco, these are the Benefits you will cater to!!

    • QR Coded LIMS Compatible Glassware 
    • 100% Original and Leach Free Glassware 
    • Minimal Breakage during transportation 
    • Certified Volumetric Glassware 
    • Timely Delivery of the product 
    • One-Stop-Solution to all Lab Needs 

Glassco's Achievements & Results

Glassco Laboratory Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

The largest Laboratory Glassware Exporter from India

Rated 4.8 stars on Google.




Glassco’s Scannable QR-LabGlass Smart Flask

With its uniquely etched QR code, Glassco’s QR-LabGlass Smart Flask is the world’s first traceable glassware. Its premium quality material with lifetime embossed identity helps in ensuring compliance when in collaboration with a robust quality system like CaliberLIMS. When a scannable QR-LabGlass Smart Flask and a dynamic quality system like CaliberLIMS come together, digitalization of laboratories is simple.

CaliberLims, India


“This Glassware is an investment for you. You can make a better choice today. Glassco’s Volumetric Flask – The Game Changer.”

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